Privacy Policy

Last update: June 1st, 2012

Next Generation Finance Invest AG ( "NextGFI", "we" or "us") is treating all personal data you send us by using this homepage strictly confidentially. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") covers the subject of how we handle personal data.

This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites, which are not managed or supervised by NextGFI. The other websites are not subject to this policy and we are responsible for neither their content nor for their policy treating personal data. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of the respective websites and verify the protection of your personal data.

This policy may be updated or altered at anytime. Each change will be published here. Please make sure, that you revisit this page on a regular basis. The first paragraph shows the date of the last adjustment.

Security of data transfer

Please be aware that the internet is basically a non-secure zone and that data transferred via the internet may get into the hands of unauthorized third parties. This might lead to the publication of data, altering of the contents or technical disorder or break-down. It is possible that data sent via the internet crosses country borders, even though the sender and receiver are located in the same country. Therefore any data may cross into a country where the level of data protection is lower than in your country of domicile.

While transferring data to or from us, NextGFI is not responsible nor assumes any liability for the security of your personal data. Please use a different mean of communication, if you consider this necessary from a security point of view.

Processing and use of data

NextGFI does not collect any personal data with this homepage, unless this data is deliberately and explicitly provided from you. In the latter case we may use your personal data to market products or services to you, if the local law allows and we believe that it could be of some interest to you.

NGFI may use specified cookies or webugs to get non-personal data concerning the use of our website (such as IP-addresses for example). Such data is primarily collected to get demographic information and to check the use and the performance of our homepage. The cookie-technology may also be used to enable the visitor to navigate faster through our website.

Data security

Within NGFI your personal data are transferred or stored in a secure environment (protected by a firewall for example). We take all necessary action to make sure that no third party has access to your personal data. However, third parties who are mandated by NGFI to provide you with a determined service are excluded. Otherwise, we will give insight to your personal data only if required by law or regulations.